Alpine Ecosystem Services - mapping, maintenance, management


  • Interview with Branka Tavzes (MOP): AlpES Observer Feedback

    1. What do you see as the most critical challenges of applying the Ecosystem Services approach at different levels of decision making?

    Branka Tavzes (MOP): One of the critical challenges in applying the Ecosystem Services (ES) approach is to prevent that this approach is used only for...

  • 3rd AlpES partner meeting at CEREMA Méditerranée near Aix-en-Provence, France

    Apart from the usual presentations and discussions about progress of each of the workpackages and upcoming activities, in order to allow for a more (inter)active participation of all project partners and observers present, our partners from...

  • Children discuss "Good manners in nature" during the Savinja River Day event

    We organized a workshop for children of different age groups on the topic of "Good manners in nature". 

  • AlpES discussed at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission

    Last week the teams in charge of AlpES WP T2 (Eurac Research and the University of Innsbruck) had the opportunity to present and discuss the project’s approach to the mapping and assessment of ecosystem services (ES) at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra, Varese, Italy.

  • The AlpES pilot region in Slovenia leaves a strong impression on participants of the ENCA network

    At the end of May 2017 IRSNC hosted the 20th plenary meeting of the Network of the Heads of European Nature Conservation Agencies (ENCA). The meeting included a field excursion on Sunday, 21st of May 2017.