Alpine Ecosystem Services - mapping, maintenance, management


  • A pan-Alpine mapping of ES supply, flow and demand

    During the first partner meeting in Ljubljana in summer 2016, AlpES partners had selected eight ES of high relevance for the Alps. In the last months, we have mapped the spatial distribution of these ES at the municipal level for over 16.000 municipalities throughout the Alpine Space (AS).

  • Interview with Giuseppina Casucci, director of the LAG Langhe Roero Leader

    The director of the project observer "Local Action Group of the Langhe Roero Leader region" got interviewed and talks about main challenges of applying the Ecosystem Services approach and more.  

  • Slovenian test region already tested first ecosystem services indicators for mapping

    The Primorsko-notranjska statistical region lies in the southern part of Slovenia. The region has 52,538 inhabitants and is one of the smallest regions in Slovenia.

  • Workshop: “Stakeholders at the same table – a blessing in disguise”

    To warm up our project meeting in Venice, the University of Padova with Etifor and IRSNC organized an additional discussion day. IRSNC was in charge of the moderation of the first part entitled “Stakeholders at the same table – a blessing in disguise”. 

  • AlpES Online Survey about symbolic plants, animals, and landscapes of the Alps

    Have you ever wondered which plants, landscapes and animals are of special symbolic and cultural value for the Alps?