Alpine Ecosystem Services - mapping, maintenance, management


  • Assessing ES trade-offs in the AlpES test region “Innsbruck Land”: recent workshop organised by project partners IGF and UIBK.

    Ecosystem services (ES) are related among each other, producing synergies (in the case two or more ES complement each other) or causing losses in ES provision, if ES are traded-off with each other (in the case one target ES inhibits the provision of other target ES). 

  • New open access research article on symbolic species as cultural ecosystem service (CES) is now online!

    Symbolic plants and animals are recognised as a CES, which is still underrepresented in ecosystem services assessments. 

  • AlpES at the SWIFCOB 18

    The SWIFCOB (Swiss Forum on Conservation Biology) is an annual conference organised by the Swiss Biodiversity Forum. This year’s edition focused on the topic of ecosystem services and took place on February the 9th in Bern. 

  • The Common International Classification of Ecosystem Services (CICES) Version 5.1. is now available!

    CICES developed from the work on environmental accounting undertaken by the European Environment Agency (EEA).