A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

Work Package 4: Networking & awareness

WP 4 will ensure wide participation of communitiesgroups and individuals for connecting people to create, maintain and transmit AlpFoodway heritage among today’s and future generations. WP 4 will increase awareness on AlpFoodway heritage and its use for sustainable development in peripheral mountain areas. It will contribute to ensure viability and significance of AlpFoodway values (WP 1), methods and tools supporting marketing intangible assets (WP 2) as well as the lessons learned in the frame of pilot actions (WP 3). 

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1 - Multilevel network promoting Alpine Food Heritage

Based on the needs and requirements of Alpine heritage communities (WPT1, 2) an Alpine community network will be formed including centers of expertise in different subjects (agriculture, landscape, culinary, culture, tourism, commerce, craft, sustainable development), representatives of local communities, heritage communities as well as different decision makers in order to facilitate information and knowledge exchange.  

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2 - Awareness raising activities

Transnational capacity building ateliers for partners, observers and local stakeholders will provide elements of reflection to construct and sustainably develop Alpine communities and highlight common identification elements/sources and practices across Alpine Space. Based on the participatory methods and helix approach the aim is to make partners and main stakeholders aware of the contemporary role of Intangible Cultural Heritage for sustainable development and well-being of local residents. 

The AlpFoodway awareness raising and networking platform (Deliverable D.T4.2.2) has been launched on October 4th at the AlpFoodway midterm conference. Here, people can learn about the project, access the intangiblesearch inventory and sign the AlpFoodway petition.

3 - Wide Community Participation

To increase awareness on transnational alpine an International Forum will be organized in Milan on behalf of all the partners. The format of the high communication impact event will be made available by Polo Poschiavo.

A Charter of Alpine Food ICH Values will be prepared and shared with the public to raise awareness and foster engagement with Alpine food Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The Vision Paper and the Charter of Alpine Food Intangible Cultural Heritage Values will be presented at the Forum. They will be made available for official signature by Project Partners, Observers, Policy Makers, Stakeholders and also to General Public. 

Documents and results

4 - Development of a Vision Paper on Alpine Food Intangible Cultural Heritage

Elaboration and synthesis of the results of WP 1, 2, 3 and of the collaboration with Observers to develop a Vision Paper on Alpine Food Intangible Cultural Heritage. Vision Paper is a strategic document summarizing how Alpine Food Intangible Cultural Heritage is a lever for sustainable development in peripheral mountain areas. It will be translated in all Alpine languages and published online for wide dissemination. It will be presented officially at the International AlpFoodway Forum.