A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

AlpFoodway - News

  • Save the date for the AlpFoodway Forum in Milan!

    After doing lot of research, several pilot actions, discussing issues and creating a strong team, now it's time to share  with observers, policymakers and all interested public all the knowledge and experiences developed through the project. We'll do so at the AlpFoodway final forum in Milan, on October 29th, 2019. Save the date!

  • Alpfoodway photo contest: involving communities, increasing visibility of Alpine Food Heritage

    Contests have a long history, but with the growth of social media they have taken on a new life.  Alpfoodway project has thus organized a storytelling photo contest “Alpine Food Heritage Stories” and has challenged visual artists as well as amateur photographers to explain through photography what Alpine Food Heritage means to them and how they feel about it. The contest is a way to engage people with the Alpine Food Heritage, lead them to think about its vulnerability and need for protection and mobilise them to support the nomination of Alpine Food Heritage to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

  • AlpFoodway partners revive rye bread making through the Alps

    Throughout the project, AlpFoodway partners have shared experiences and knowledge. The traditional bread baking festival “Lo Pan Ner” by Valle d’Aosta and left such a deep impression in some other partners that they decided to integrate that approach in their pilot cases and contribute to the creation of an alpine-wide day of the bread. So, in 2018, bread baking events were organised also in France, Germany and Slovenia.

  • Tell your "Alpine food heritage stories" and win!

    AlpFoodway has launched the "Alpine Food Heritage stories" Instagram contest. Until June 16th, participants can tell their visual stories about Alpine food, agricultural practices, traditional know how and customs by posting up to 3 pictures on their Instagram profiles and adding the hashtag #AlpFoodwaycontest to the description.

  • Research Findings from the AlpFoodway Project become a base for business teaching

    The AlpFoodway project is organized in various Work Packages, one of which, coordinated by Prof. Diego Rinallo of Kedge Business School, is about the commercial valorization of traditional Alpine food culture. In this context, one of the project’s emerging findings is that storytelling and taste education are two important mechanisms enabling consumers to understand the differences between heritage products and their more industrialized version. Here's what happened when he proposed a storytelling and tasting experience to the students of Prof. Rinallo’s course Taste Industries Management, which takes place in Paris in the context of Kedge Business School’s Master of Science in Arts & Creative Industries Management.