A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

Mountain Community of Camonica Valley

The main task of Mountain Community are the development of the territory and management in form of services and common functions associated and the support and promotion of cultural activities and services. Since the early 2000's it has enabled targeted actions to strengthen the organization of cultural services in a network and system dimension. In this context it participated in the drafting of the Management Plan of UNESCO Site n. 94 Rock Drawings of Valle Camonica. Since 2009 it is leader of the Cultural District Valle Camonica, formed by an agreement with all the municipal government of the territory in order to manage cultural heritage.

It has developed several safeguarding project dedicated to Alpine intangible heritage involving municipalities, museum and eco-museum networks, local communities, ONGS and interest groups. It has pioneered innovative ways of participatory safeguarding, digital storytelling of the intangible heritage and has worked against discounting of traditional knowledge. 

Within AlpFoodway project, the Camonica Valley is a pilot area to experiment innovative safeguarding processes applied to “sustainable” productive landscapes. In front of a radical change of the productive landscape in Alpine Valley, opposite to the decrease types of indigenous seeds and to the impoverishment of the practices connected to farming, Camonica Valley hosts a slow comeback of cultivation of indigenous varieties, a good recovery of traditional practices, a good reclamation of the land. Mountain Community of Camonica Valley wants to support this process through the following actions:

  • mapping of restored plots of land;
  • increase in the use of indigenous varieties and recovered practices;
  • launch and improvement of the network of new farmers;
  • introducing knowledge about landscape design in the farmer network;
  • promotion of common working days;creation of narrative itineraries together with storytellers.



 Maria Elena Turetti |