A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

Regional Center of Alpine Population Studies

The Regional Center of Alpine Population Studies (CREPA - Centre régional d’études des populations alpines, CH) is an association of 11 alpine communities in the canton of Valais (CH), bordered by France and Italy. The Center is specialized in local history, genealogy and ethnography, and have an animation sector which develops many public events to spread its research.

In AlpFoodway, CREPA participates to the inventory of know how and cooking recipes, all from the raw material to the finished product. Since its beginning in 1990, the Center has collected archives, documents and testimonies about the local history and among them stories about cooking and products. Many books have been edited, especially about milk and its products (“Le Lait, chez moi et dans ma région”, 2000) and meat (“Nourrir l’animal – Manger de la viande”, 2009). The Center will carry on with  this collection. The Center will also organize public meetings about the local cooking, in order to collect recipes and to create a keen interest and a link between different generations. This collection will expand the application “La cuisine ‘maison’ du Valais” which is already available, via app stores. This app presents about 50 recipes collected in the project “Partager sa cuisine” (book eponym, 2013) thanks to the participation of local people.

Check the AlpFoodway project page on the CREPA website


 Yann Decorzant