A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

Kedge Business School

Kedge Business School (FR) is a French Business School with 4 campuses in France (Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille and Toulon), 2 in China (Suzhou, Shanghai) and 4 partner campuses (Avignon, Bastia, Bayonne, and Dakar, Africa).

The Kedge Business School community is composed of 12,500 students (including 25% overseas students), 183 permanent faculty members (including 44% overseas professors), 275 academic partners and 50,000 alumni worldwide. Ranked 30th of the best European Business Schools and with the 23rd best MBA worldwide according to the Financial Times, Kedge BS belongs to the short list of business schools with EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB accreditation.

Kedge Business School is very active in research, with internationally recognized competences in the fields of marketing, supply chain management corporate social responsibility, creative and cultural industries, health management, innovation and entrepreneurship, the wine and spirit industry, and alternative approaches to finance.

Within AlpFoodway project, Kedge Business School contributes in understanding of how products, services and experiences pertaining to food cultural heritage can be successfully managed and marketed in a sustainable manner to consumers (and other partners) without losing authenticity. Kedge Business School is the responsible project partner for WP 2 (IDENTIFICATION OF BEST PRACTICES IN THE COLLECTIVE COMMERCIAL VALORISATION OF ALPINE FOOD INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE). 

Check the AlpFoodway project page on the  Kedge Business School website


 Diego Rinallo