A cross-disciplinary, transnational and participative approach to Alpine food cultural heritage

Ethnographic and Social History Archive – D.G. Culture, Lombardy Region

The Ethnographic and Social History Archive – D.G. Culture, Lombardy Region (AESS - Archivio di Etnografia e Storia Sociale – D.G. Culture, Regione Lombardia, IT) is an institution that collects, preserves, catalogues, digitalizes and shares the intangible cultural heritage of the Lombardy communities. The Archive has been promoting field work and ethnographical research projects since 1972 and has been expanded since then with documents, audio files, videos and photos relevant to the oral history and the anthropological aspects of the regional culture and life.

The Ethnographic and Social History Archive has enabled synergies with the other sector of Lombardy Region in order to improve the attractiveness of the alpine areas, support cultural and creative industries in reusing traditional craftsmanship and reinforce the safeguarding of productive landscapes. In the framework of EUSALP, it is an active member of AG 6. The Archive underlines the importance of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and the involvement of local communities in the definition of “Alpine Identity”. In the previous european programme it carried out several Interreg transnational projects  as Lead Partner and developed strategies and policies for the preservation and enhancement of the intangible cultural heritage as “living heritage”. 

Within AlpFoodway project, the Ethnographic and Social History Archive – D.G. Culture Lombardy Region takes on the role of European Regional Development Fund Lead Partner. As an experienced institution in the field of sustainable development cultural-based, it leads WP 1 (IDENTIFICATION & INVENTORY OF ALPINE FOOD INTANGIBLE CULTURAL HERITAGE), providing expertise in ICH inventorying. It contributes to the implementation of the vision paper on AlpFoodway heritage and it supports its diffusion among regional policy makers in Alpine Space.

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