Implementing Alpine Governance Mechanisms of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region

The need of a transnational cooperation

AlpGov is a result of a decision of the EUSALP Executive Board to better align EUSALP and the ESI funds, more specifically making use of dedicated funds from the ASP for governance issues. Creating joint governance mechanisms for EUSALP covering a broad variety of topics and involving all Action Groups calls by nature for transnational solutions. AlpGov aims at developing and testing the EUSALP governance system on the level of Action Groups as the main implementation level of the strategy. To ensure horizontal and vertical consistency and to gain broad stakeholder acceptance it is necessary to:

  • identify, develop and test joint approaches for practical Action Group work ensuring broad participation of the interested public
  • develop tools for knowledge management including monitoring and reporting
  • identify projects for implementing the Action Plan and appropriate funding schemes
  • transfer results from Action Groups to the policy level respecting the institutional framework

Innovative approach taken by AlpGov

A “Joint EUSALP Knowledge Platform” will help to collect and process - by means of a professional and specifically designed technical tool and including customized features – flow of information among the Action Groups but also to the exterior. A “Compilation of further funding schemes” will not only clarify funding options for actions and projects to implement the Action Plan but will also identify needs for further adjustments for multiannual financial framework starting from 2021. “Tailor-made governance approaches” will contribute to better EUSALP governance on three levels: specifically responding to the policy needs for the single Action Groups, cross-sectorally among all Action Groups and vertically beyond Action Groups.