Implementing Alpine Governance Mechanisms of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region

Specific objectives

AlpGov aims to support EUSALP activities as defined in the Action Plan.

To make EUSALP Action Groups operative while using joint standards
Harmonized procedures to run AGs will be developed and described in the implementation strategy. To ensure a permanent exchange of knowledge and experiences among the Action Groups, a Board of Action Group Leaders (AGL) is already established.

To manage the knowledge gained in the Action Group work
A joint knowledge platform will be set up. This comprises the technical platform development, inserting content by Action Groups, processing information for mutual exchange, reporting purposes and information for the wider public.

To trigger systematically the implementation of actions as set out in the EUSALP Action Plan
An analysis of existing funding schemes and the development of concrete initiatives (project preparations, workshops etc.) will help to find and further develop appropriate funding sources for implementing concrete actions. Furthermore, strategic implementation concepts and tailor-made governance approaches will be developed.

Project results

Programme result: Level of application of multilevel and transnational governance in the Alpine Space

AlpGov turns a political will of states and regions for transnational and multilevel cooperation in the scope of EUSALP into practice. As the projects starts simultaneously with the EUSALP implementation, outputs and deliverables of the project will produce long lasting effects: structures and procedures for thematic implementation, knowledge management, funding schemes and project development will be closely linked to the policy level and therefore set the course for new cooperation models.