AlpGov 2

Implementing Alpine Governance Mechanisms of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region


WP Skills development ans EUSALP Action Groups empowerment - WPT1

  AG1 AG2 AG3 AG4 AG5 AG6 AG7 AG8 AG9
Activity A.T1.1 Empowering AGs for strategic implementation of the EUSALP Action Plan and the AG's Work Plans
AG  work plans
ag1-work-plan.pdf ag2-work-plan.pdf ag3-work-plan.pdf ag4-work-plan.pdf ag5-work-plan.pdf ag6-work-plan.pdf ag7-work-plan.pdf ag8-work-plan.pdf ag9-work-plan.pdf

WP Strategic steering and monitoring of implementation - WPT2

  AG1 AG2 AG3 AG4 AG5 AG6 AG7 AG8 AG9
Activity A.T2.1 Horizontal coordination of Action Group Leaders
D.T2.1.1. Horizontal exchange meetings      




WP Mobilizing strategic target groups - WPT3

Activity A.T3.1 Mobilizing policy makers and initiating the policy cycle
D.T3.1.1. Strategic policy priority areas carbon-neutral.pdf   innovation-facility.pdf   innovation-hub.pdf   smart-villages.pdf   spatial-planning.pdf


WP Communication - WPC

Deliverables Files                
Activity A.C.1 start-up activities including communications

D.C.1.6. Communication strategy


Activity A.C.2 Publications

D.C.2.1. EUSALP Communication Kit alpgov2_rollup.pdf concept-note-template.docx template_ppt.pptx template_report.docx styleguide_logos.docx        
D.C.2.2. Newsletters Available
D.C.2.3. Poster alpgov2_a3_hd.pdf              


Activity A.C.4 Promotional activities
D.C.4.1. Road Show Concept road-show-concept.pdf
Activity A.C.5 Digital Activities
D.C.5.3. Social media strategy solidarity-during-the-covid19.pdf