Implementing Alpine Governance Mechanisms of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region

AlpGov Outputs

AlpGov will produce 6 main project outputs:

(1) The Board of Action Group Leaders (BAGL) ensures horizontal coherence and systematic steering of EUSALP implementation process. It is composed by all AGL and therefore covering all objectives of the Action Plan, it will focus on coordination of working methods deal with internal governance issues. Furthermore, the BAGL addresses cross-cutting issues to ensure a more inclusive Alpine development.

(2) “Tailor-made governance approaches” will contribute to better EUSALP governance on three levels: specifically responding to the policy needs for the single Action Groups, cross-sectorally among all Action Groups and vertically beyond Action Groups.

(3) EUSALP implementation strategy

(4) A “Joint EUSALP Knowledge Platform” will help to collect and process - by means of a professional and specifically designed technical tool and including customized features – flow of information among the Action Groups but also to the exterior.

(5) A “Compilation of further funding schemes” will not only clarify funding options for actions and projects to implement the Action Plan but will also identify needs for further adjustments for multiannual financial framework starting from 2021.

(6) Strategic implementation initiatives will allow AGs to enter into dialogue with potential implementation partners to explore future possibilities for co-producing and using of knowledge across different fields of expertise, for building thematic clusters or related activities like developing transdisciplinary marketplaces.