Linking BioBased Industry Value Chains Across the Alpine Region


  • Joint Masterplan on circular bio-based economy

    The Masterplan collects inputs, resources and assets analyzed through the AlpLinkBioEco Project and gives precious recommendations to boost the definition of a joint bioeconomy strategy in the Alpine Region.

  • Creating Bio-based Value in the Alpine Space - AlpLinkBioEco Final Conference

    The online Final Conference will shed light on the results of AlpLinkBioEco: the Value Chain Generator tool, significative pilot experiences developed by Project Partners exploiting this software and a Masterplan for a Joint Bioeconomy Strategy in the Alpine Space will be presented.

    SAVE THE DATE! 31st March 9.00 a.m.-12.30 p.m. 

    More information on the Programme and how to register are available here
  • Roadmap for a common Alpine Space Policy on circular bio-based economy

    An interesting and thorough overview of how the development of transnational circular bioeconomy can be fostered.

  • AlpLinkBioEco achievements presented by the Centre of Alpine Studies of Pieve Tesino

    The Project and its outcomes have been presented by our Partner, the Centre of Alpine Studies of Pieve Tesino, in a workshop on sustainability and bioeconomy organized by the University of Tuscia.

  • AlpLinkBioEco: Opportunities and benefits presented by the Lombardy Green Chemistry Association

    Our partner, the Lombardy Green Chemistry Association, recently organized two webinars presenting AlpLinkBioEco benefits and opportunities.