Innovative ways to involve private investments to finance services of social interest

AlpSib Project 

The current economic and social crisis has been challenging traditionally established patterns in social sector. Limited/shrinking financial resources cannot ­satisfy the growing needs of the social sector, among which ageing population, increasing number of NEETs (young people not in education, employment or training), greater need for health services ect. Growing societal challenges are calling for social innovation and a stipulation of a new social economy, which would connect the public-private-third sectors. The economic concepts of capital and investment would become social policy instruments and would give a greater value for money in public services.

The AlpSib project is addressing NEET and senior’s needs by introducing innovative solutions. The project is set to accelerate social impact investments (SII) and focuses especially on social impact bonds (SIB). It plans to accelerate SII by developing a Social Impact Investing Hub for knowledge sharing, policies coordination and development and for assisting the supply chains in setting up new SII initiatives. 

Specific Objectives 

1. To align knowledge and further develop understanding on SII and SIBs in the Alpine Space.

2. To support stransnational networking and joint development of innovative solutions and public-private partnerships to meet NEET's and Senior's needs.  

3. To harmonise and accelerate SII policies for commissioning better and measurable outcomes for NEETs and Seniors. 

Expected results

1. AlpSib Forum will promote collaboration in the field of social impact policies in Alpine Space.

2. AlpSib Platform - a web platform consisting of communities of practice and e-learning resources.

3. Alpine Space common methodologies  for SII policies.