Innovative ways to involve private investments to finance services of social interest


  • 3rd co-creative lab in Ljubljana

    On 4th and 5th December 2017 Ljubljana hosted the 3rd co-creative lab, dedicated to discuss legal aspect of SIB. 

  • Engaging Event in Stuttgart

    On November 10th 2017, bwcon teamed up with the network SocEntBW and Wizemann.Space in Stuttgart, Germany to present the AlpSib project. Speakers from the AlpSib Consortium shared the concept of Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) and engaged guests in the question of where a SIB could be used in a German setting.

  • Preparational meeting in Turin

    On 26th October, Finpiemonte and Comune di Pordenone organized a workshop in Torino titled “The challenge of Social Bond” addressed to national, regional and local authorities.

  • First Transnational AlpSib Forum

    On 22nd September 2017 the very first Transnational AlpSib Forum took place in Nice. It brought together people from all sectors that need to cooperate if a successful SIB is to be organised; namely public sector and potential investors as well as evaluators. 

  • 3rd transnational partners meeting in Nice

    On 21st September 2017 AlpSib partners transnational meeting took place for the 3rd time. This time it was organised in Nice in the idyllic Phoenix park.