Innovative ways to involve private investments to finance services of social interest


  • AlpSib Talk Ljubljana

    On 5th december 2018 Ljubljana listened to the Slovenian AlpSib Talk. The Talk was hosted by the Slovenian Days of the Social Economy, which gathers people interested in and working in the field of social economy in Slovenia. 

  • Capital-matching event in Ljubljana

    On 5th December 2018 Slovenia organised a Slovenian capital-matching event, which took place within the Slovenian Days of the Social Economy in the House of the European Union in Ljubljana. 

  • AlpSib Talk in Milano

    On 16th November 2018 Milan hosted Italian AlpSib Talk. The Talk was organised by the Municipality of Pordenone with the support of the Italian Sustainable Investment Forum and was delivered within the Italian Sustainable and Responsible Investment Week. 

  • 2nd TAB meeting held in Torino

    On 15th November 2018 Finpiemonte S.p.A. hosted a second AlpSib TAB meeting in the Turin's Circolo della Stampa. The meeting gathered representatives from the institutions, organisations, foundations and institutes working on the European, national and local level and offered the participants the possibility of fruitful debate on the SIB thematic in the Alpine Space. 

  • 2nd AlpSib Forum held in Torino

    On 14th November 2018 the "Circolo della Stampa" (Press Club) of Turin hosted the “ALPSIB FORUM: Building an equitable future. New forms of social impact investments across the Private, Third and Public sectors”. The forum was chaired by Davide Dal Maso from the social accelerator AVANZI