AlpSib Newsletter Nr 2
july 2017-december 2017

Dear reader,


the year 2017 was a very dynamic one for the AlpSib team. Several informational and educational events were organised in all partners’ countries with the purpose to introduce the social impact bond mechanism to project observers and relevant stakeholders from the public, private and third sector. On the other hand, intensive research work has been done by some partners, who strive to better understand the SIB concept and to assess its potential application in individual countries.

With the beginning of the new year also the project is progressing to its second half. It will bring some concrete results and answers to the questions posed at the beginning of the project – is SIB a feasible and appropriate mechanism for tackling the issues of the elderly and NEETs in the countries of the Alpine Space area?

In the 2nd newsletter the main events that happened in the period between July and December 2017 are summarised and the preview of the upcoming events suggested.  

At the end let me take this opportunity to wish all AlpSib followers one great year 2018, full of health, happiness and priceless lifetime memories!

AlpSib engaging events

AlpSib partners continued with the series of engaging events, which were organised with the purpose to present the AlpSib project and the mechanism of social impact bond to the relevant stakeholders within the public, private and third sector. All together 8 engaging events were organised in Pordenone, Turin, Nice, Dornbirn, Ljubljana, Freiburg, Augsburg and Stuttgart. The international aspect of SIB was introduced during the events, however also the local peculiarities were discussed. The events could be assessed as successful since they offered a lot of information on the topic as well as raised several opinions, questions and concerns. At the end the participants expressed their interest in being informed about the project development. 

2nd co-creative lab in Dornbirn on SIB social impact measurement and evaluation

The 2nd Co-Lab took place on the 4th and 5th of July in Dornbirn, Austria and was hosted by Fachhochschule Vorarlberg. The main topic of the two day meeting was social impact measurement and evaluation of SIBs. First, different methods and methodologies were introduced and social impact was defined. In a next step, SROI – Social Return on Investment was presented in more detail.

Firstly, it was defined what social impact is and how measuring social impact differs in comparison to other evaluations. As it is getting more and more important to have a social or environmental impact besides a financial one, more than 150 different methods to evaluate impact exist. During both presentations, the theory of change was discussed. Here, the desired change is illustrated through backward-mapping.

In the second presentation, SROI was introduced. SROI is an approach to assess the social impact of a project or initiative through comparing the impact in monetary terms to the initial investment. During the workshop, the process was explained and in a next step, SROI was applied by using a hypothetical example.

It was an interesting workshop, where all participants gained new insights about the evaluation process. 

3rd co-creative lab in Ljubljana on legal aspect of SIB

Within the 3rd co-creative lab that took place on 4th December 2017 in Ljubljana two key note lectures addressed the topic of the political and legal environment within which social impact bonds are implemented. They focused particularly on the topics of the changing role of the public administrations and the challenge of launching the SIBs in compliance with the national procurement laws. 

More about the co-lab and the lectures held by Luigi Corvo, PhD, from the University Tor Vergata from Rome and Mr Julian Blake from the Bates Wells Braithwaite from London can be found following the link below. 

1st Transnational AlpSib Forum in Nice

On 22nd September 2017 the very first Transnational AlpSib Forum took place in Nice. It brought together people from all sectors that need to cooperate if a successful SIB is to be organised; namely public sector and potential investors as well as evaluators.

Many prominent speakers addressed the audience, among which the representatives of the European Commission, the European Investment Bank, the European Investment Fund, representatives of Ministries, Banks, Companies and Associations. Moreover, four sessions took place, discussing whether all projects are SIB-feasible, how to measure the impact of projects, how to find investors and partners and how can public authorities make contracts with private stakeholders.

More info with full agenda and the gallery can be found in the AlpSib webpage. 

Preparation meetings as the basis for national discussion papers

One of the envisaged AlpSib outputs is also the common Alpine Space transnational methodology for Social Impact Investment (SII) policies. To reach this output preparation meetings with project observers and other public authorities were carried out in all the AlpSib partners’ countries. During the meetings the possibilities, potentials and obstacles for implementing SIB projects in individual countries were discussed. The findings will be discussed in the national discussion papers, which will become public in February 2018 and will serve as a basis for drafting the common (SII) methodology. 

Upcoming activities

The year 2017 was full of activities that were dedicated to informing and learning about the social impact bonds. However, the first half of the year 2018 will bring some concrete researches and results, but will not stop with educational activities.

In the upcoming months, discussion papers, the results of the findings of the preparation meetings will be released. Moreover, a transnational advisory board, consisting of project observers, politicians and other public authorities will be formed. Its task will be to draft the common transnational methodology for SII policies.

A special AlpSib web portal will become online, containing the general information about the project and its development as well as e-learning material and the section where various project ideas will be presented to potential investors.

Last but not least, the last co-lab will take place in Pordenone and capital matching events, which will present SIB to potential investors will happen in Germany and Italy.  

Stay tuned! 

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