AlpSib newsletter nr 3
JANUARY 2018-JUNE 2018

Dear AlpSib followers,


year 2018 has brought some concrete outcomes, which are the result of good work of all project partners. An AlpSib web platform was released, which complements project official website. National discussion papers, discussing the possibilities of implementing SIB projects in partner countries have been drafted. A pool of experts was collected, who form a transnational advisory board, which is responsible for drafting a transnational methodology on social impact investments. The project was presented at larger national events and new SIB projects have been launched in AlpSib partner countries.

More about the AlpSib activities can be found below.


Since the summer holidays are approaching the AlpSib crew wish you a pleasant and refreshing summer break.

AlpSib web platform released

As part of the continuous effort to offer and provide tools for supporting transnational knowledge about social impact investments (SII) methodologies to public authorities, private investors and social providers with the best possible service, AlpSib Consortium is pleased to announce the launch of the new web platform and related service management.

Expanding on the capabilities of the official project website hosted by Interreg Alpine Space Programme, the AlpSib Web platform aims to provide case histories, communities of practice, project-investments matching opportunities, learning resources, technical assistance and an open-access database of social outcome and impact indicator to project partners as well as other audience involved in SII world.

The web platform has been developed according to 5 areas: social, workspace, e-learning, database & toolkit and capital-project matching, where each area represents a place where partners give general information on SII to wide audience, where materials of the co-creative labs are the support for the advisory board, and a new digital agorà where social solutions are presented and match with investors’ needs. A special focus has been devoted to the e-learning area which presents some training modules for deepening contents related to both NEETs and seniors.

First TAB meeting in München

On 19th June 2018 the first transnational advisory board (TAB) meeting was hosted by Eckert School in München. The goal of the TAB meeting was to gather various experts in the field of SIB to discuss numerous aspects, which will form the transnational methodology of social impact investments. TAB meeting followed the release of the national discussion papers, which studied the possibilities of implementing SIBs in partner countries. The papers can be accessed here:

The TAB was moderated by Anja Nieveler from Bwcon. It offered two rounds of three workshops, which were led by three prominent experts: Mr Julian Blake from Stone King (UK), Mr Jussi Nykänen from Epiqus (Finland) and Ms Stephanie Petrick from Phineo (Germany).

The TAB meeting in München was first of the three planned, which will take place in the next months and will significantly contribute towards accepting the transnational methodology, which will set an example for the future of SIBs in European Union. 

Stuttgart: Social Innovation Summit 2018: Focus Track Social Impact Bonds

39 guests and expert speakers came together to discuss social impact bonds during the Social Innovation summit 2018 in Stuttgart on March 10, 2018.

The session labelled ‘Social Impact Bonds – ideas meet investors’ brought together a wide range of different AlpSib target groups, such as foundations, investors, researchers, banks and social providers.

After a thorough introduction into Social Impact bonds by Johannes Weber, who is mainly responsible for activities in the field of impact investing at the BMW foundation in Munich, Maike Hornung from Bertelsmann Stiftung presented two new German Social Impact Bonds in Germany to the audience.

AlpSIB attends Social Impact Panel at German Foundation Congress

AlpSib member bwcon was invited to discuss the use of hybrid financing for social enterprises and Social Impact Bonds during European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA)’s traditional breakfast at the German Day of Foundations on May 16 in Nurnberg, Germany.

Dr. Markus Freiburg (FASE), Stephanie Petrick, (PHINEO) and Johannes Weber (BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt), and Anja Nieveler (bwcon) discussed how foundations and social investors can best structure the use of their funding to maximise benefit for recipient organizations.

The potential market and use for SIBs was looked at. Venture Philanthropy and Impact Investing, especially SIBs, was seen suitable to help foundations to fulfil a foundation’s mission through a holistic approach involving endowment and funding.

Transnational co-creative labs on seniors

AlpSib partners finished with a series of co-lab meetings. Further the meetings that focused on seniors are further explained:

All project partners participated to transnational co-creative labs to develop transnational SIB ideas for seniors and NEETs in the alpine space. The Pôle Services à la Personne PACA organised and animated 4 workshops to generate project ideas concerning senior citizens. During the 1st co-creative lab (Augsburg), the partners focused on the specificities of senior users (and their needs/expectations) and those of the Alpine territory to imagine possible scenarios that can be handled within the framework of a SIB. At the 2nd co-creative lab (Dornbirn), the projects selected at the 1st workshop were detailed and the knowledge acquired thanks to the experts present, enabled the partners to specify the impact measurement and impact evaluation. Then, during the third workshop (Ljubljana), the participants identified real players (investors, service providers, intermediary, etc.) at local level in each country and compare national contexts for the same social issue to highlight local specificities. Finally, the last co-lab (Pordenone) enabled the partners to identify opportunities and challenges of developing a proposal of transnational / transalpine SIB on Senior. The purpose of all these data is to develop local technical specifications for a development of a SIB on seniors in the alpine space.

First sharing event in Pordenone

Pordenone opened a series of sharing events, which are presenting to the interested stakeholders characteristics of SIBs and findings of the AlpSib project.

Pordenone event gathered 46 expert speakers and guests. The event was divided into three sections. In the first part experts described the current situation regarding people aged over 65 in the Municipality of Pordenone. The second part brought the presentations of best practices at the local level regarding the same age group. And in the last part the investors' perspective on SIB was highlighted. 

New Social Impact Bonds launched in Germany

AlpSib consortium is also following the SIB activities that take place ouside the AlpSib project. In Germany this field is very active. Two new Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) were launched in Germany in 2017 under the wing of Bertelsmann Stiftung. The city of Mannheim and the district of Osnabruck use SIBs as a new tool for impact-related management for the first time. 

Together with its partners, the district of Osnabruck in Northern Germany aims to support 48 families with children between the ages of 2 to 12 years old in need of assistance due to family-related issues. The pilot uses a preventive parenting program, called Triple P, between 2017 and 2021 to strengthen prevention in family assistance programs. The non-profit consulting organisation PHINEO is acting as the coordinator of the project.

The second SIB was taken up by the city of Mannheim, in partnership with various educational partners. 60% of Mannheim’s primary school children have a migration background, leading to reduced social and educational attainments. The project aims to compensate this by providing support services, such as more language classes. The program is scheduled to run for five years. 

Upcoming activities

In the next 6 months AlpSib project will carry out final activities. Transnational methodology on social impact investments will be finalised and presented to the national and international policy makers. The second transnational AlpSib forum will take place in Turin in Autumn and capital project matching events and sharing events will be organised in partner countries. Two press conference will be held, one in Turin and one in Brussels and two AlpSib talks delivered in partner countries. 

Stay tuned!

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