Innovative ways to involve private investments to finance services of social interest

AlpSib events

Several events took place within the AlpSib project. Their aim was to inform and educate the interested public about the social impact bonds. A list and description of all projects can be found below. 

AlpSib engaging events

Financial instrument called Social Impact Bond (SIB) is quite unknown phenomenon for the majority of projects stakeholders, namely representatives of the public, private and third sector. Consequently, 8 engaging events were organised in all 5 partners' countries with the purpose of giving the stakeholders the introductory information about SIB and collect their first impressions about the topic discussed by the project.

Engaging events were organised in Pordenone, Torino, Nice, Dornbirn, Ljubljana, Freiburg, Augsburg and Stuttgart.

Common results of all engaging event was demonstrated interest in being more informed about the project and its topic as well as second thoughts on the entrance of the private capital in the social field, regulated by the welfare states.

AlpSib Co-creative labs

4 international co-lab meetings were organised within the AlpSib project. Each addressed different aspect of the SIB:

Augsburg co-lab meeting → introduction of SIB,

Dornbirn co-lab meeting → Impact definition & Measurement,

Ljubljana co-lab meeting → Legal aspect of SIB,

Pordenone co-lab meeting → Finding an investor for SIB.

Each meeting is divided into 2 parts. In the first part experts hold lectures on the topic under discussion and give a theoretic insight into the relevant SIB aspect.

In the second part participants of the co-lab practically discuss SIB potential ideas and develop real projects. They discuss the relevance of the thematic chosen, details of project implementation, the indicators for measurement its success and the possibilities of finding an interested investor. The goal of the co-labs is to develop a feasible project, which has the potential to be realised in the field of seniors and NEETs. 

Minutes of all co-labs could be found here:

AlpSib transnational forums

2 International AlpSib Forums were planed within the AlpSib activities. First took place in Nice in September 2017 and the second happened in November 2018 in Turin.

International AlpSib Forums gathered range of experts working in the field of SIB; practitioners, working to implement SIB ideas, investors, who shared their experience in investing in a SIB project, politicians, who make decisions that support or obstruct SIB projects implementation and people from academia, who are studying this financial instrument. All those experts shared their ideas, answered the questions of the participants and discussed pressing issues that appear during the debate.

Forums were dedicated to the exchange of opinions and experiences, promotion of the SIB mechanism as well as increasing knowledge and raising awareness about its advantages and disadvantages. 

Forums were attended also by the representatives of the European Commission, European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund. 

AlpSib capital-matching events

Stuttgart, Milano and Ljubljana hosted capital-matching events, which aimed to connect potential financiers with ideas for projects with social impact and to discuss also the financiers' part of the social impact bonds.   

39 guests and expert speakers came together to discuss social impact bonds during the Social Innovation summit 2018 in Stuttgart on March 10, 2018. 

The session labelled ‘Social Impact Bonds – ideas meet investors’ brought together a wide range of different AlpSIB target groups, such as foundations, investors, researchers, banks and social providers. After a thorough introduction into Social Impact bonds by Johannes Weber, who is mainly responsible for activities in the field of impact investing at the BMW foundation in Munich, Maike Hornung from Bertelsmann Stiftung presented two new German Social Impact Bonds in Germany to the audience.

On 2nd July new projects in the social field that can be financed by impact investing's new innovative financial instruments were presented to investors in Milan at the Cariplo Foundation, with the collaboration of the Forum for Sustainable Finance that brings together about eighty members of the world of finance, through which private investors and public administration could sign a contract to implement projects in the social field. 

The idea of the Slovenian event was to enable short meetings between potential investors and entrepreneurs with »impact« ideas, but as well among entrepreneurs themselves since they can share experiences and good practices among each other, that will help them develop and realise their ideas. The event took place on 5 December 2018 along with the Slovenian Days of the Social Economy in the House of the European Union. 

AlpSib sharing events

Pordenone, Freiburg, Nice, region Valle d'Aosta and Ljubljana hosted sharing events through which they shared project results and informed the audience about the specifities of the social impact bonds. 

Pordenone hosted its event on 18 April 2018. It gathered representatives of the regional government, various organisations that work in the field of seniors and NEETs in the region and private investors. At the event also the scenario regarding people aged over 65 in the region was presented. 

The Freiburg session labelled Risks and Opportunities of Social Impact Investment attracted wide range of different AlpSib target groups from social start-ups to investors, researchers, banks and social providors. The event took place on 11 October 2018. 

The Nice event took place on 16 October 2018. The seminary objective was to present the results of the AlpSib project and to discuss the possibility to develop a Social Impact Contract addressed to a particular target group: the NEET – « Not in Employment, Education or Training ». Project initiators, investors and expert speakers debated the interest of pushing forward such financial contract, considered as a tool which would help tackling social issues, notably encountered in French Riviera. 

Region Valle d'Aosta hosted its event in picturesque Forte di Bard and gathered Italian stakeholders interested in the topic of social impact bonds. 

Ljubljana hosted its event in the Ljubljana City Hall and presented the project results and the possibility of SIB implementation in Slovenia. The event was well attended also by Slovenian Ministries and Banks.

AlpSib Talks

Three AlpSib Talks were held. One in Germany, one in Italy and one in Slovenia. The idea of AlpSib Talk was to present various aspects of social impact bonds in a bit different manner. Speakers delivered motivational speeches, which included also personal notes. Sometimes personal stories were presented in order to enthuse the public. 

First AlpSib Talk was held on 11 October 2018 in Freiburg.

Second AlpSib Talk took place in Milano on 16 November 2018.  The talk was delivered by Ms Denise Di Dio, Researcher and managing director at TIRESIA – Politecnico di Milano. She focused on advantages SIBs bring to tackle various social issues Italy has been facing.

The last AlpSib Talk happened in Ljubljana on 5 December 2018. It was performed by Ms Renata Brkić from Feels good Capital Partners. Ms Brkić gave a motivational speech about her career path, which brought her to the point that she is considering launcing a SIB. She showed the audience why is impact investing important and beneficial for solving rising issues people of all generations face.