Innovative ways to involve private investments to finance services of social interest

2 International AlpSib Forums were planed within the AlpSib activities. First took place in Nice in September 2017 and the second happened in November 2018 in Turin.

International AlpSib Forums gathered range of experts working in the field of SIB; practitioners, working to implement SIB ideas, investors, who shared their experience in investing in a SIB project, politicians, who make decisions that support or obstruct SIB projects implementation and people from academia, who are studying this financial instrument. All those experts shared their ideas, answered the questions of the participants and discussed pressing issues that appear during the debate.

Forums were dedicated to the exchange of opinions and experiences, promotion of the SIB mechanism as well as increasing knowledge and raising awareness about its advantages and disadvantages. 

Forums were attended also by the representatives of the European Commission, European Investment Bank and European Investment Fund. 

More about each forums can be found under the section "news".