Innovative ways to involve private investments to finance services of social interest

4 international co-lab meetings were organised within the AlpSib project. Each addressed different aspect of the SIB:

Augsburg co-lab meeting → introduction of SIB,

Dornbirn co-lab meeting → Impact definition & Measurement,

Ljubljana co-lab meeting → Legal aspect of SIB,

Pordenone co-lab meeting → Finding an investor for SIB.

Each meeting is divided into 2 parts. In the first part experts hold lectures on the topic under discussion and give a theoretic insight into the relevant SIB aspect.

In the second part participants of the co-lab practically discuss SIB potential ideas and develop real projects. They discuss the relevance of the thematic chosen, details of project implementation, the indicators for measurement its success and the possibilities of finding an interested investor. The goal of the co-labs is to develop a feasible project, which has the potential to be realised in the field of seniors and NEETs. 

A video was made during the Ljubljana co-lab, which can be found here: