Sustainable use and management of non native trees in the alpine region

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The ALPTREES podcast series answer the questions of citizens of all ages and educational levels and give insight into our scientific work to build a transnational guideline for the use and management of non native tree species in the Alpine Space.

From the basics "what is a non native tree species" to specific topics like "women in forestry", each podcast has it's thematic focus. Also our 12 partners throughout the Alpine Space will introduce the audience to the specifics of her/his national status and policy about "non native trees" to give an overview on the challenges of ALPTREES' transnational cooperation between Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Germany and France.

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Patricia Detry (Cerema) Aix en Provence - Frederik Berger (INRAE) Grenoble

The situation of non native tree species in forests and cities in the french Alps are discussed by Patricia Detry from Cerema in Aix en Provence and Frederik Berger from INRAE in Grenoble.

Learn about the legal situation in France, the framework of the centralistic government when it comes to forest management, the power of experts, the role of forest engineers, the anticipation of non native trees of the french public, the different uses of forests , the contrast the Alpine landscape is providing and the prospects for use and management of non native tree species in the French Alpine Space in times of climate change.

Podcast Alptrees France