Sustainable use and management of non native trees in the alpine region

French Stakeholder Workshop - 3rd of February 2021

Invitation to the ALPTREES French Stakeholder Webinar on 3rd of February 2021. We are pleased to invite you to our ALPTREES French Stakeholder Webinar on the Sustainable Use and Management of Non-Native Trees in Urban, Peri-Urban and Forest Ecosystems in the Alpine Region, organized by Cerema and INRAe. The meeting will be held in French language.

The overall objective of ALPTREES is to improve knowledge-based decision-making on the responsible use and management of non-native tree (NNT) in the Alpine Space by developing a transnational strategy on NNT. We are inviting participants to share their work and knowledge on non-native trees in forests as well as in urban areas and to participate in this participative process within the network of stakeholders of the Webinar.


1st Gorenjska Regional Workshop on Non-native Tree Species, held on-line on 25th November 2020

Development agency Sora together with Slovenian Forestry Institute and external expert Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation organised on-line 1st Gorenjska Regional Workshop on Non-native Tree Species on 25th November 2020.

The 1st Gorenjska Regional Workshop on NNT brought together experts from different fields - forestry, nature conservation, horticulture, municipalities, education sector, development agencies, etc. - and at the Regional Workshop we gained interested insides from participant’s experiences with NNT in the forest areas as well in the urban areas in the cities.

The Participants’ knowledge and experiences on usage and management of NNT are gathered in the Minutes of the 1st Gorenjska Regional Workshop on NNT attached bellow. Together with participants we prepared the Conclusions of the Regional Workshop on NNT that are also listed in the Minutes of 1st Gorenjska Regional Workshop bellow.


Steering Group Meetings

ALPTREES 5th Steering Group Meeting
(Skype) 21st of April 2020
Download: alptrees_minutes_5th_steering-group-meeting.pdf

ALPTREES 4th Steering Group Meeting
Tue 31 March 2020
Download: alptrees_minutes_steering-group-meeting_31-03-2020.pdf

Newsletter 4, December 2020

Stakeholder Workshop in Škofja Loka in Slovenia. The ALPTREES children’s Tree song and video, won the #EUinmyregion Storytelling award. The ALPTREES Webinar took place 5th, November 2020.


Newsletter 3, 9 September 2020

In the ALPTREES 7th Steering Group Meeting held online on 16th June, a team from the University of Life Sciences, BOKU in Vienna, presented their approach for a timber market expert survey. They plan to conduct this survey across the 5 ALPTREES partner countries in the Alpine Space.


Newsletter 2, 20 February 2020

The TREE TALKs are a series of talks hosted by the project, where experts present on diverse environmental issues and topics related to trees and forests. Stakeholders and the general public are invited to attend these events and they get a glimpse of the different scientific and social studies/researches undertaken on forests in the Alpine Space.

Download: Alptrees Newletter #2 EN.pdf
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Download: Alptrees Newsletter #2 IT.pdf

Newsletter 1, 21 January 2020

The project ALPTREES started with a kick-off meeting on November 14th and 15th in 2019 at BFW, the Austrian Research Centre for Forests in Vienna, Austria. Together with our 12 project partners...

Download: Alptrees Newsletter #1 EN (PDF, 3.37mb)
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Download: Alptrees Newsletter #1 FR (PDF)
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