Sustainable use and management of non native trees in the alpine region

A.T4.1 Stakeholder Analysis

Dear colleagues, 

The ALPTREES project values the crucial role of the Stakeholders in the Alpine Space. Therefore today we are reaching out for your opinion and kind cooperation! To develop a "transnational guideline for the use and management of non-native tree (NNT) species throughout the Alpine Space", ALPTREES is conducting a Stakeholder Survey within the five   partner countries (Austria, Germany, Slovenia, France and  Italy). By participating in this survey, you will contribute towards understanding how NNTs are perceived and managed in the Alpine space.  

Your participation will immensely aid in framing policies for the management of NNTs in forests and urban spaces to adapt in times of climate change.

The survey questionnaire is translated into the  5  European languages i.e English, German, French, Slovenian and Italian. It will take only 20 minutes of your valuable time to fill-up the form. Please do use the QR Code or choose one of the links ( 5 links in 5 different languages)  in your relevant language below.

Please do keep in mind that every participant (in any 1 language) will take the survey Only Once.  For example, if you have already filled up the survey form in Italian and submitted then please don’t fill up another language form the second time.

IMPORTANT: Please refrain from taking the survey more than once.


If you want to print out the survey, please choose your language:

Italian: alptrees_survey_questionaire_it.pdf
French: alptrees_stakeholdersurvey2020_fr.pdf
Slovenian: alptrees_survey_questionnaire_sl.pdf
English: alptrees_stakeholdersurvey2020_en.pdf
German: alptrees_stakeholdersurvey2020_de.pdf

Currently, the survey deadline is set as 30th July 2020  which is liable to change if found necessary by the project team. The results of the survey will be analyzed until the end of September 2020. Please follow this space for more information on the survey findings and the project.

If you are interested, specifically in certain aspects of this survey or APLTREES, or want to share a suggestion, please do write to us in the following emails  (Your Email) and and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

You can also download the PDF copies of the survey questionnaire and fill it up manually and if required can post it to us in the address below :
Dr. Katharina Lapin,
Department of Silviculture and Forest Growth,
Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg 8,
1130 Wien​

Please don’t hesitate to share this survey with colleagues and associates and also ask them to move it forward- Pass it on!

Learn more about the power you have as stakeholders to change in this world for the better. Remember that every opinion counts and DOES MAKE AN IMPACT on the future management of our forests and trees!

D.T3.1.1 Open database on management measures for non-native trees

The open database will contain information on on-going and past non-native tree (NNT) management actions in the Alpine Space and elsewhere. The focus lies on the description of measures, costs/benefits, risks, and efficiency of measures. All knowledge materials produced for this deliverable will be available to other organisations/regions/countries outside the current partnership.

Download: deliverable-d.t3.1.1-open-database-on-nnt-management-measures.pdf