Alpine Space Transnational Governance of Active and Healthy Ageing

Work package 1 : AHA transnational and multilevel board

WP responsible partner : Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia

The aim is to create a Transnational Governance Board focused on the AHA challenge in the AS, composed by public and private actors, pertaining to different levels (regional/local) and sectors as well as representing the AS territorial specificities (rural, mountain and urban areas). The WP1 will provide input and feedback to the WP 2 (AHA governance models logic classification), the WP 3 (Data gathering and analysis of AHA governance models, Identification and monitoring of the innovation in the AHA field); and are related to the WP Communication and in particular ASTAHG stakeholders and local events, for the identification and involvement of a critical mass of AHA stakeholders in the AS area.
Activities : 
1. Coordination of the Transnational Governance Board
The board will gather the 4helix actors from AS to contribute input and feedback to ASTAHG results, particularly for the data gathering and analysis of AHA governance models, and the identification and monitoring of the innovation in the AHA field. It will be organized in thematic groups representing the most important areas of interventions for AHA: health and care, tourism and culture, mobility, technologies. Relevant documents will be produced in AS national languages and English. Public events and in particular local events will stimulate the participation of regional AHA players to the board.
2.  Transnational Board Meetings
In their meetings, the thematic groups will contribute requirements, content information and later feeback to:
- AHA governance models logic classification, and data gathering and analysis of AHA governance models for the framework for collaboration on AHA initiatives/AHA governance good practice portfolio, with information on AHA players and governance models in their territory;
- Identification and monitoring of the innovation in the AHA field and AHA innovation observatory, with information on the AHA initiatives in their territory. In their meetings, the Board Committee will define a strategy for AHA in the AS, and identify sustainability mechanisms for the board. The board members will meet at least 4 times during the project.
3.  AHA strategy for the AS
Based on project outputs (framework for collaboration on AHA initiatives,  AHA governance good practice portfolio, AHA innovation observatory), the Committee members representing all the thematic groups, will propose a set of strategic actions for AHA in the AS, to support transnational governance of the AHA at the macroregional level and to keep alive the intersectorial and multilevel cooperation beyond the project end. The resulting document will be shared with EUSALP and international initiatives on AHA.