Alpine Space Transnational Governance of Active and Healthy Ageing

Work package 2 : AHA cooperation framework

WP responsible partner :  European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research

WP 2 will create a framework for planning and coordinating multilevel initiatives on AHA. The framework provides tools to describe key elements of AHA governance applications, evaluate their impact on AHA and their innovation degree. It considers the AS territorial specificities and includes horizontal and vertical differentiation of AHA governance actors. WP 2 will receive feedback from WP 1 and will be used to assess information in WP 3 to produce the  AHA governance good practice portfolio and the AHA innovation observatory.
Activities :
1.  AHA governance models logic classification
Starting from the categories of the 4Helix paradigm (public authorities, academia, communities and business), a logic classification of the governance approaches and actors involved will be developed, taking into account information on AS governance models and initiatives implementation on AHA, including level of the governance (national/regional/local), sector, faced problem, territorial context (urban, mountain and rural area) and other features that could emerge from the data gathering in WP3 (analysis of AHA governance models and identification and monitoring of the innovation in the AHA field).
2.  Methodology for AHA governance assessment
Development of a methodology to assess the impact of AHA governance, monitor the progress and identify remaining challenges. The activity will adapt the current AAI into a comprehensive tool for needs and impact assessment of AHA governance, based on:
- multiple criteria relevant for decision making in AHA governance;
- stakeholder preferences (and variation therein), reflected in weights between relevant criteria;
- specific indicators to represent the peculiarity in the AS area.