Alpine Space Transnational Governance of Active and Healthy Ageing

WP Communication

WP responsible partner : Professional network of home care service providers in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur
Communication will be strategic to:
  • Engage 4Helix actors in the transnational governance board
  • Support data collection on governance applications on AHA in the AS
  • Exchange with other initiatives, particularly EUSALP;
  • Disseminate the outcomes (particularly, the observatory and the framework) and favour the transfer of high impact initiatives
  • and innovation on AHA;
  • Support the sustainability of project outcomes, in particular the transnational governance board and the observatory.
Communication activities will have horizontal character and support all implementation WPs. The communication activities and channels will be tailored to reach the different stakeholders and objectives. All partners will be involved. In particular, partners and observers will play a pivotal role in identifying and recruiting stakeholders to be invited to local events in their own region.
Activities :
1.  Start-up activities including communication 
This activity focuses on the creation of the project identity within the ASP framework (logo, claim, key messages and website) and the definition of the communication strategy, identifying the channels and activities to reach target groups and stakeholders and exchange with EUSALP, and the selection of indicators to monitor the reached audience. The communication strategy will be approved by the PSG and delivered by M3, although new communication needs may bring to updates to the strategy.
2.  Publication(s)
This activity will run in parallel with the implementation WPs in order to diffuse and emphasize ASTAHG objectives and results. Articles will be published in scientific literature and as supporting documents for policymakers in the AS and EUSALP to share the project outcomes and analysis results.
3.  Public Event(s)
Events aim at involving AHA 4ple helix actors in ASTAHG activities. Large scale events will gather the attention of high level players to transnational activities and results, as well as on their sustainability. Representatives of EUSALP, of local and international AHA projects including EIPonAHA, will be involved. Local events will raise awareness on ASTAHG objectives and will stimulate data collection for AT3.1, AT3.2 as well as participation to the transnational governance board.
4. Digital activities
Active presence on the websites and social media of the project, of partners and associated partners, with particular care for PA websites. Creation of digital presentations and multimedia to disseminate project outcomes in different contexts. Particular relevant to enforce cooperation with other projects in ASP and other Programmes on the governance/AHA topic.