Alpine Space Transnational Governance of Active and Healthy Ageing

Work package : Management

WP responsible partner : Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia

The LP is the single interface between the Consortium and the MA and JS. The LP chairs the operative (Project Management Team - PMT) and decisional (PSG) project organs and is responsible along with WP leaders for the proper project development. A sound and smooth project implementation will be controlled through management tools for internal communication, activities coordination and financial reporting.
Activities : 
1.  Project planning : 
This activity will deliver a workplan and quality plan for ASTAHG, identifying activities interconnections, resources allocation, deliverables deadlines and milestones as well as the key points for controlling the project smooth implementation and to promptly detect risks for the achievement of ASTAHG results and ensure contribution to EUSALP. The members of the PMT and PSG are appointed. All PPs will approve the Project Plan.
2. Coordination of the partnership and internal communication
Activities coordination will be ensured by a continuous communication among PPs and with stakeholders, especially those in the Transnational Governance Board. Tools for organization and management of activities and knowledge as well as for internal communication will support PPs all through the project lifetime. Project Meetings will be organized as intense exchange and evaluation moments within the Partnership and (for the kick off, Mid Term and Final Conference) with stakeholders.
3.  Project controlling
The activity aims to verify the coherence of the real project progress against: (i) the Project Plan, in terms of time schedules, deliverables, outputs, budget and resources; (ii) the expected quality related to Programme’s objectives, outputs and results; (iii) the contribution to EUSALP. The requirements and procedures for the project controlling will be defined in the Quality Plan. Periodical checks will deliver updates to the Project Plan including possible counter-measures.
4.  Project closure
The project closure activity aims to evaluate ASTAHG results and contributions to the AS Programme and EUSALP Strategy, besides analysing the compliance to planned expenditures and outcomes. These reflections and how to employ and keep alive ASTAHG knowledge and approach in the AS territory will be gathered in a Final Report.