Alpine Smart Transport and Urbanism Strategies

Since 2017, project partners organise workshops with pilot sites and relevant stakeholders, in the framework of the ASTUS project, financed by the EU Interreg Alpine-Space Programme.

In 2017, the objective of the first meetings/workshops with local authorities at technical and political levels was to develop a territorial diagnosis for each pilot site.

Based on the territorial context and the needs of each pilot site, ASTUS partners conducted a series of workshops, in order to identify low carbon mobility solutions. During these workshops, local authorities and relevant stakeholders worked on the definition of low carbon scenarios, strategies and action plans.

Two ASTUS schools were also organized for all pilot sites. The objective was to feed the production of scenarios with concrete and already implemented solutions in the Alpine space.

The results of ASTUS activities in the pilot sites will lead to the development of transnational recommendation for low CO2 mobility solutions.