Alpine Smart Transport and Urbanism Strategies

2nd ASTUS School – June 26th /27th 2018 in Werfenweng

This “marketplace of ideas” for experts, pilot site stakeholders and elected representatives directly followed the ASTUS Mid-term Conference. Six workshops provided an excellent opportunity for 50 participants to discuss and exchange ideas, learn about new tools and improve the connection between pilot sites. Workshop topics:

  • Better usage of existing settlements – smart densification

Günter , mayor of Neubiberg, presented a smart densification concept in Bavaria, supplemented by latest psychological findings by Florian to intensify usage of existing housing.

  • Tools and modelling – examples of use, traffic modelling, settlement development

Anna iSPACE and Julia Technical University of Munich provided innovative GIS-examples of transport modelling in the province Salzburg and in Munich.

  • Transport options in low density areas – practical examples

Markus and Gesa (TUM) presented a comprehensive car-sharing model of the Munich Transport and Tariff Association.

  • Preparation and possibilities of using local public transport timetables on Google maps in the urban municipality of Novo mesto

Simon , Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, gave an insight into a trip planning tool for small municipalities which is easy to build and to maintain.

  • Regional ticketing system OuRA – transport interoperability, mobility information service and collaborative partnership platform

Marion , Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, presented a complex mobility service for the AURA region, which integrates a large number of service providers.

  • Visualising mobility issues inside the “local landscape”

Baptiste , Grégoire and Valentin , University of Grenoble, suggested new 3D-maps, trying to use shared and familiar media in communicating with stakeholders.

ASTUS School concluded with an excursion in the pilot region Pongau, guided by Stephan Maurer (Regional Association Pongau) and Hannes Weitgasser (mayor of Werfen). Walter Riedler (SIR) presented scenarios for housing and mobility in the municipality of Werfen, which aim to strengthen the village centre, use vacancies, densification and develops new sites.