Advanced Tools for Low-carbon, high-value development of historic architecture in the Alpine Space


  • The HiBERATLAS is online

    A beta version of the HiBERATLAS platform with the best practice examples for energy refurbishment of historic and traditional buildings is online. Many more projects gathered by ATLAS will be included in the database in the next weeks and months.

  • "Mädchen Klosterschule" in Mering monitored by ATLAS

    The former girls' convent school in Mering - Bavaria (Germany) was choosen as the third building to be monitored in ATLAS' feasibility study. A monitoring box will be installed, the history and measurements of the building will be studied, in order to form suggestions for a future renovation that should both conserve the building structure and reduce the energy demand.

  • ATLAS project partners at REHABEND 2020

    From 24th to 27th of March 2020, ATLAS project partners EURAC and SUPSI will participate in the international conference REHABEND 2020, talking about acceptance of BiPV in historic buildings and cities as well as dissemination of best-practice in energy retrofit of historic buildings.

  • Monitoring of not refurbished building in South Tyrol

    Within the ATLAS project, EURAC visited a not refurbished historic building in South Tyrol (Italy), in order to do a survey and some measurements (heat flux monitoring to derive U-values of historic masonries).

  • ATLAS excursion "Sanierungslotse"

    On the 24th and 25th of November 2019, an ATLAS excursion and training took place in Dornbirn - Vorarlberg (A), bringing together professionals from different countries on the topic of renovations, monument protection and vacancy management.