Strategic tools towards a sustainable use of biomass for low carbon domestic heating

Output O.T3.2 - A manual of transferability of the customized model to other areas of the Alpine Region

The present Output aims at the transferability of the integrated WRF CHEM/CALPUFF modelling chain developed by CISMA srl in the framework of BB-CLEAN to Alpine Regions different from the specific case studies investigated by the project (Storo and Vezza d’Oglio territorial domains in particular). This Manual is specifically addressed to expert modellers operating in the field of weather forecasts and pollutants dispersion over complex orography terrains. The Manual sometimes refers to the deliverables developed in the framework of WPT3 (D.T3.2.1: A Fortran code of the customized model; D.T3.3.1: A Report related to the comparison of modelled and measured mixing heights and vertical PM profiles in pilot areas; D.T3.3.2: A new Fortran routine for the WRF model to improve its performances in the complex Alpine orography) to deepen the knowledge of the reader about the details concerning the build up of the integrated model and its calibration on the two case studies investigated using local experimental data coming from monitoring campaigns performed by UCSC in the framework of WPT3.In order to transfer the model to a specific Alpine Region the source code of the model and the package with all input data are needed and thus provided with the present Manual.