Strategic tools towards a sustainable use of biomass for low carbon domestic heating


O.T5.1 - A proposal of harmonized policy to reduce the carbon footprintminimizing the environmental burdens and costs

Policy harmonization is a solution to problems arising from differences in policy /regulation between different political units. Differences between laws and policies in different countries can be reduced by adopting similar laws or policies, even when there is no common authority. 
BB-Clean partnership approached systematically the development of low carbon policies for the Alpine Region focused on a sustainable use of biomass mitigating biomass burning impact on climate change and air quality. Starting from the knowledge building, adding strategic experiences from awareness raising activities and creating the technological, economic and social tools for the support, we reached the project goal, which is a policy relevant document for the advisory boards of Regional, National and EU Parties on new perspectives for tuning Biomass Burning for domestic heating in a more environmentally sustainable way.