Strategic tools towards a sustainable use of biomass for low carbon domestic heating


Output 0.T4.1 - Guidelines for energy counselling services to support citizens towards low carbon domestic heating

These guidelines will be an informative tool to foster a smart use of BB, taking care of both technological and socio-economical aspects. In Austria there are already many guidelines on energy and biomass publicly available. These documents are published by consulting agencies but also by manufacturers and funding authorities. This project output aims to give an overview on the available guidelines in Austria and its federal states. It provides a brief description of each site and includes the links to the different websites in each chapter. The first chapter focuses on guidebooks published by energy consulting agencies but includes general information material from the Austrian Biomass Association, the proPellets assocciation and the CleanAir II project as well. The second chapter lists the energy consulting agencies in Austria according to the different regions. The third chapter provides information on funding and subsidies on three levels in Austria. The last chapter provides further information on fuel quality, the choice of heating systems and energy saving published by various Austrian manufacturers. The sites are available in German and some also in other languages.