Strategic tools towards a sustainable use of biomass for low carbon domestic heating

BB-Clean mid-term press event in Slovenia, 19th of November 2019

In Velenje, project partner KSSENA held a mid-term press event, combined with an event about radon in buildings. There is many environmental factors we should be aware of, so the main focus was to raise public awareness on matters such as air pollution and public health. Event turned out to be a great platform for discussing legislative solutions for clean air on local level and for disseminating good practices related to domestic biomass burning. 


BB-Clean mid-term press event in Italy, 3th of March 2020

On 3th of March 2020 project partner ARPA Valle d'Aosta organized mid-term press conference, on which the results of the monitoring campaign carried out on the Saint-Marcel pilot village and the first experiences of "citizen science" made with personal fine powders microsensors were presented. With the use of these portables instruments, citizens become an active part of the air quality monitoring activity, and were able to experience first-hand just how much some of our habits and behaviours significantly worsen the air they breathe. At the end of the conference, ARPA launched the new campaign addressed to health and environmental protection associations operating in the Region: the applicants, after filling in a specific online request form, will be invited to join an awareness campaign with personal microsensors.

BB-Clean mid-term press event in France, 25th of June 2019

In France mid-term press event was held by partners ATMO and CCPMB. Event was focused on presentation of BB-Clean and the microsensors experimentation by Atmo Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Territorial Director Didier CHAPUIS, presentation of the results of the experimentation by Atmo Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Louise Michelin, sociologist at My Usages, presentation of the input of the experimentation for the territory by CCPMB Vice-President Etienne JACQUET and last but not least on presentation of  BB-Clean challenges in the crowdsourcing platform. Event was held in 2 parts and was joined by 1 elected state representative, 3 elected representatives of Sallanches municipality, 2 journalists and 40 people who had participated in the microsensors experimentation during winter.


BB-Clean mid-term press event in Austria, 28th of May 2020

The researchers of FHJ spent the last year analyzing different sources of particulate matter (PM) as well as the programming of an PM-forecasting APP. The findings were presented on 28th of May on a national mid-term press event in Austria held online. During the heating period in the winter 2019/2020 a so called black-carbon monitor was installed in community Thörl to measure the current concentration of particulate matter in the air. Therefore, in cooperation with the federal environmental agency of Austria at the beginning of the heating period a measurement container was established which further recorded the air quality parameters PM10, PM2,5 and nitrogen oxides. Since early May 2020 the BC-monitor is located in Kapfenberg again. Under the following link it is possible to see online the current by the BC-monitor measured particulate matter data.

Additionally the Austrian project team used 20 AirBeam measurement devices to perform a measurement campaign in form of workshops this winter. The portable devices can be used to show the particle concentration in the daily life of citizens. The aims of the workshops was to collect particulate matter data in different regions, to share and compare them with the project countries und to therefore contribute to the awareness raising of citizens in the alpine regions. Mid-term press event also focused on another important goal: development of an APP for mobile phones which displays the current status of particulate matter values as well as giving a forecast for the next few hours.

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