Strategic tools towards a sustainable use of biomass for low carbon domestic heating

  • Atmo and CCPMB presented microsensors at press conference

    On Wednesday, December 12th, 2018, Atmo and the CCPMB  organized a press conference, inviting local press to present the initial phase of experimenting with microsensors that will allow citizens to measure their exposure to PM emissions during winter and to participate in different workshops to reduce their emissions. 

  • European Council Revises Directives for Renewables and Energy Efficiency

    The European Council adopted two revised directives on energy efficiency and renewable energy on Tuesday 4 December 2018, said the European Council in a press release. The new targets set in the directives stipulate that by 2030 the EU will have to get 32% of its energy from renewable sources and reach an energy efficiency headline target of 32.5%. The Council also signed-off on the so-called governance regulation, which sets out the framework for the governance of the Energy Union and climate action. This completes the final stage in the legislative procedure for the three files which are part of the Clean Energy Package. The three legislative texts are scheduled to be published on 21 December and all three files will enter into force on the third day after their publication.

  • BBClean at EUSALP 2nd Conference (INNSBRUCK, 2nd October 2018)

    The Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, as Lead Partner of the BBClean project, attended to the 2nd EUSALP Energy Conference “Energy Transition in the Alps”.

    The event was organized by EUSALP Action Group 9 under the patronage of the Tyrolean EUSALP Presidency 2018.