Boosting Innovation in Factory of the Future Value Chain in the Alps

Pordenone Technology Centre

Polo Tecnologico di Pordenone deals with technology transfer, promoting the dialogue between enterprises, institutions and the regional research system to support company competitiveness and to stimulate the growth of enterprises with high potential development. Polo Pn is an incubator of potential entrepreneurs and provides tools, skills and resources to assess the technological feasibility, commercial and economic, offers services and support for project management, for development of technology studies, for the improvement of products (reducing time and costs), for the identification of financing instruments and more. Main competencies are services for Business creation, Research Department and PatLib, Internationalisation, Financing.

University of Udine

University of Udine has extensive experience and skills in the coordination and operational project management of international projects in both public and private sectors and collaborates with other universities, institution and research bodies and the local economic and industrial environment (SMEs, large groups and industrial associations). The research team is part of the Laboratory of Management Engineering, which main research fields include Innovation Management, Strategic Management, Organizational Management, Operations and Service Management, Complexity Management, Internationalization. Among main research subjects: Industrial Sector Analysis, Complex Systems, Intellectual Property and Intangible Assets, Technology Transfer, Knowledge Management

Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH

Fraunhofer Austria Research GmbH is part of a comprehensive European network of Fraunhofer research centres and has numerous relationships with industry, academia and research institutions in Western, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. Due to its location, FhA has a geographic focus on the central European Alpine-region. In this context, FhA engages in research projects dealing with the regions specific economic opportunities, its economic and political dynamics in the field of factory planning, design of internal and external supply processes, technology and innovation management, design of production networks, hybrid services and energy efficient production.

Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd.

Technology Park Ljubljana a leading national stakeholder in ecosystem development as we connect key national players using quadruple helix approach, and a leading implementing partner of Start-up Slovenia Initiative, as well as a creator of dialogue with a policy levels, significantly contributing to S4 implementation- where one of the priorities is Smart Factories. With constant connections and deep collaboration between policy makers, research institutions as well as SMEs and larger companies, we are able to actively identify and monitor needs, opportunities as well as impacts of such collaborations for sustainability of Factories of Future.

National Research Council of Italy

National Research Council of Italy deeply invests in the research, coherently with the European objectives, with the aim of continuously supporting the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector by bringing innovation in the factory. CNR-ITIA, as a promoter of industrial innovation, performs strategic activities of Scientific Research and Technological Development for the Competitiveness and Sustainability of Italian and European Manufacturing Industries. CNR-ITIA acts in tight collaboration with Enterprises, Universities, Research Centres and Institutions within National, European and International Programmes, Projects and Industrial Contracts.

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences is active in the field of Industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Physical Internet in combination with Manufacturing, Logistics/SCM and ICT. FHV is the main academic contact in the region of Vorarlberg and maintains a huge network to regional and international SMEs, associations, universities, etc. FHV is an academic partner and provides/disseminates research results, suggestions, etc. about “how to implement a sustainable factory of the future” to project partners, stakeholders and the wider community.

Soča Valley Development Centre

Soča Valley Development Centre plays the role of a link among entrepreneurs, chambers, municipalities, institutes, ministries, and other institutions in the following fields: multidisciplinary projects of regional, local, national, transnational and cross-border cooperation; entrepreneurship, competitiveness, innovation and integration of SMEs in clusters and networks; human resource development; development of tourism; environment and spatial development; rural development - Local Action Group; technical assistance and cooperation with partners from the EU and other countries; promotion of region. PRC was responsible for preparation of Regional Development Programme for Northern Primorska (Goriška) region for the period 2014-2020 (RDP), the basic regional programme.

bwcon GmbH

bwcon GmbH promotes technology and innovation in Baden-Württemberg, being the link in the region for the academic and business world coordinating technology transfer from research to industry. Bwcon Gmbh is also managing the leading technology network with more than 600 members (amongst universities, research centers, SMEs, bigger companies and local public-private institutions) active in the sectors of Mobility, Energy, Creative Industries, Internet of Things and Health. In the frame of Additive Manufacturing, bwcon has been involved in the FIWARE FABulous Accelarator on 3D in the digital fabrication.

Italian-German Chamber of Commerce Munich-Stuttgart

Italian-German Chamber of Commerce Munich-Stuttgart is a no-profit association of private German law, recognized by the Italian Government and a member of Assocamerestero, the apex body of over 75 Italian Chambers abroad. It plays an active role in organizing business meetings, international trade fairs, seminars, conferences and round tables to promote knowledge sharing between the two countries. It also coordinates and manages business and institutional delegations, to stimulate the Italian and German markets. Italcam can efficiently contribute to the implementation of the project thanks to its transnational nature (between Germany and Italy) and it is seen by many Italian and German enterprises as an essential reference for their trade affairs. The Italcam promotes the trade relations between enterprises, institutions and relevant actors of the public administration. Furthermore it helps start-ups and SMEs to raise their competiveness also through market analysis.

Grenoble Institute of Technology

Grenoble Institute of Technology, the engineering institute of Univ. Grenoble Alpes, is labeled as a French research-intensive university and is one of Europe's leading technology universities, at the heart of innovation from more than a century. The activity of G-INP covers a wide range of scientific fields for research, education and technology transfer, including advanced materials, micro- and nano-technology, energy, production systems, ICT, environment. Grenoble INP is at the core of an ecosystem where industry and university have used to work closely together for a long time. Grenoble INP is a member of the steering committee of the regional RIS, the industry of the future regional plan and is head of the regional research cluster on industralization. Grenoble INP would also contribute to dissemination and outreach activities accross the regional SMEs due to its central position in regional affairs for manufacturing and accross the international networks it is actively involved in. These positions give Grenoble INP the opportunity to contribute to the regional strategy towards Facory of the Future.


ViaMéca is a french competitiveness cluster dedicated to design, production and integration of intelligent mechanical systems. ViaMéca brings together: Companies (SME and groups), Research and technical centers (public and private ones), Schools and universities with the aim of accelerating innovation and enabling the emergence of innovative collaborative projects. ViaMéca area is located center of France (Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes). This territory represents more than 30% of french mechanical workforce. More than 350 R&D, collaborative projects have been labelled by ViaMéca during last 10 years, More than 230 companies and 250 research actors are involved in these projects. More than 30% of these projects are dedicated to innovations for advanced manufacturing. 4 scientific thematics are addressed by ViaMéca, surface engineering, advanced manufacturing processes, intelligent systems and robotic, Engineering driven by uses and services.