Boosting Innovation in Factory of the Future Value Chain in the Alps

Work package T1: Manufacturing sector studying and mapping

This WP aims to perform an in-depth analysis of the manufacturing sector in the countries of AS in order to design a transnational map that integrates (1) existing FoF competences, roles, practices, technologies, products and services along different levels of the value chain, and (2) required competences and needs according to S3 at regional and national level. Survey results and sector mapping represent the main inputs for the development of the methodology in T2 and of the guidelines in T4.

Work package T2: Methodology building

This WP aims to define, implement and validate a methodology to stimulate synergies among actors along manufacturing value chain and virtuous growth of the sector thanks to innovation processes among business, academic and administrative actors and individuation of best practices at each level and in each country. Starting from the state of art obtained in T1, case studies and good practices are identified. The preliminary methodology will be further developed in T3.

Work package T3: Indicators system setting and methodology improvement

The aim of this WP is to improve the methodology developed in T2 with the integration of an impact indicators system. This provides a system of KPIs, both measurable (e.g. efficiency) and qualitative (e.g. visibility) ones, that allows to identify the impact of FoF technologies and practices adoption at various levels of the manufacturing value chain. Needs and improvement opportunities are tested in dedicated workshops to provide validated inputs (the methodology and set of indicators) to T4.

Work package T4: Strategic policy agenda setting

T4 aims to benefit from the results of previous thematic WPs and to provide inputs for decision makers on necessary activities for stimulating adoption and transfer of FoF practices and technologies among main innovation actors. This WP aims to draft a strategic plan able to respond to the needs of each actor/country involved and to foster a holistic and synergic exchange and improvement of AS innovation capacity towards optimal values of impact indicators.