Boosting Innovation in Factory of the Future Value Chain in the Alps

Strategic policy agenda setting

The WP4 is an activity aimed to provide the base for the following development of specific guidelines addressing FoF challenges.  PRC will coordinate PPs in critically revising strategies (especially smart specialisation) and policies activated at national, regional and transnational level in order to set up the first steps for future policy develpomnet. International and national events  will take place in order to reach complete results that count the point of views of all key actors that want to enhance a synergic and systematic growth of manufacturing sector in AS.

D.T4.1.2: Harmonisation of policies and strategies for FoF in AS

The analysis was performed on a base of 5 questionnaire obtained from project partner's countries as
follows: AUT, FRA, GER, ITA, SVN

D.T4.2.2: Report on actions for policy development

Recommendations emerged during the dedicated workshop for harmonisation of strategies and policies will be outlined
and added to D T4.1.2.

D.T4.3.1 & D.T4.3.2: Transferability scenarios guidelines & Follow-up activities plan

Guide developed to steer potential applicability and replicability of the project's main outputs, i.e. the sector map, the validated
methodology with practices and impact indicators, the guidelines for decision makers, in other sectors and countries.

D.T4.4.1: National training workshops for policy makers