Boosting Innovation in Factory of the Future Value Chain in the Alps

Methodology to stimulate innovation processes

The methodology to stimulate innovation processes within the Factory of the Future was developed within BIFOCAlps thematic work packages 2 & 3. Especially in work package 3, the developed methodology got validated and improved with the integration of BIFOCAlps impact indicators system. This methodolgy now provides a system of selected Key Performance Indicators to track the impact of the adoption of Factory of the Future technologies and practices in manufacturing enterprises. Combining qualitative as well as quantitative indicators, the impact indicator system allows tracking these impacts on various levels of the manufacturing value chain.

To gain critical feedback from the manufacturing sector, two tailored workshops were held in Vienna and Stuttgart. The main target of these workshops was to present and to discuss the developed tool in order to validate the model. Providing the opportunity to derive the appropriate measures and to track the long-term-impacts on the company‘s performance, thus supporting the strategic decision making-process, the impact indicator system directly addresses enterprises of the manufacturing value chain. As a reference instrument to enhance the innovative growth of the sector, the model additionally addresses regional, national and international policy makers.

O.T3.1: Set of indicators for evaluating impact of FoF technologies and practices adoption



O.T3.2: Validated methodology for innovation and knowledge transfer towards FoF

Use the tool: impact indicator system
O.T3.2: Validated methodology for innovation and knowledge transfer towards FoF (download)
Set of guidelines to integrate impact indicators to innovation processes