Continuity of Traditional Enterprises in Mountain Alpine Space areas

In this section C-TEMAlp results are published and can be downloaded.

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ALPCAFE targeted to C-TEMAlp stakeholders


-REPORT summarising the AlpCafé ROUND 1 results

-Venice AlpCafé (May 11th 2016)
-Maribor AlpCafé (May 25th 2016)
-Graz AlpCafé (June 16th 2016)
-Marseille AlpCafé  (July 5th 2016)
-Munich AlpCafé (September 15th 2016)
-Bolzano AlpCafé (October 4th 2016)
-Brescia  AlpCafé (October 24th 2016)

PANELS - the framework conditions in the C-TEMAlp area

-VENICE panel report
-GRAZ panel report
-MARIBOR panel report
-MARSEILLE panel report
-MUNICH panel report



Business Transfer Framework Conditions


The C-TEMAlp Cooperation Manual is a guideline which helps the organisations part of the C-TEMAlp network, to define a common and harmonized approach and offer services in the field of Business Transfer responding to clients’ needs and help them to better understand business transfer as a transnational issue.

ALPCAFE targeted to C-TEMAlp entrepreneurs (potential sellers)

- Cover and summary of the AlpCafé second round

- Maribor, May 30th 2017
- Treviso, June 27th 2017
- Marseille, July 11th 2017
- Munich, July 13th 2017
- Zurich, September 15th 2017
- Hartberg, September 21th 2017
- Brescia,  October 12th 2017


Business To Credit events


-Marseille, December 12th 2017
-Venice Mestre, February 28th 2018
-Bolzano, Febraury 28th 2018
-Maribor, March 13th 2018
-Munich, April 10th 2018

Mentoring and Services Pilot


-Mentoring Report

-Pilot Cases Report


Platform for supporting Business Transfer


-Platform Management Manual
-Agreement for future management

- E-Platform requirements testing and anlysis Report

Tools for decision makers and stakeholders


-Input Paper on Business Transfer
-Position Paper on Business Transfer
-Handbook on Transnational Business Transfer
-Discussion Paper on Transnational Business Transfer
-MOU of C-TEMAlp network