Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living

CARE4TECH - CARE4TECH Cross-sectoral Alliances for Smart Living

By using smart living technologies as thematic playground, CARE4TECH transforms the accessible but spread Alpine Space research, tech- and innovation scene into a stable EU leading knowledge development arena, to foster  cooperation between all quadruple helix players (public institutions, academia, business and civil society) in the area. CARE4TECH combines the 2020 research agenda technology oriented principles and goals in an innovative way with a transnational quadruple helix multilevel policy oriented approach. This combination connects and reinforces technology excellences, provides essential inputs towards a mature  Alpine Space innovation policy and provides the possibility to achieve a joint future quadruple helix based innovation agenda owned by the whole programme area.


Improving Common Knowledge Base!

Within the first thematic workpackage we will set the knowledge foundations for CARE4TECH leading to Alpine Space Brain Base. We will map, classify, visualize and structure cross sectoral connections among tech leaders, solutions, innovation and business development approaches in the field of smart living technologies. The main output of this workpackage is Alpine space Knowledge Atlas.

The workpackage is coordinated by Carinthia University of Applied Sciences.

The workpackage is being implemented from December 2016 until November 2017. 


ALPINE Campus: Fostering common living and innovation Labs

Within the second thematic workpackage we will implement and test CARE4TECH Alliances and test the learning elements leading to the Alpine CAMPUS. We will structure and launch an innovation living lab based modular learning system and empower quadruple helix based task forces. The task forces will lead the first 11 Alliances and support the rise of the Alpine Space Think Tank. 

The workpackage is coordinated by Bayern Innovativ ltd. 

The workpackage will be implemented from December of 2017 to October of 2019. 




Anchoring Alliances and Labs to AS ownership via Alpine Space Think Tank

In this workpackage, we will focus on a structured stakeholder dialogue in the AS area guided by a selected Stakeholder Management Group of the Alpine Space taskforce which will lead to the establishment of the permanent AS Think Tank. We will launch flagship projects together with a long-term capitalization agenda and Future Search initiatives. At the end we will have an Alpine Space innovation asset. 

The workpackage is managed by Association Intelligent Factory Lombardy.

We will launch the workpackage in October 2018 and complete it by October 2019.