Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living

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  • Exhibition at TEC-Xperience Room

    Evolaris next level GmbH was invited to take part and staging the Exhibition at TEC-Xperience Room at the European Forum Alpbach 2019. Part of the Technology Symposion, various exhibitors will give you an interesting tour of their exhibitions, discussions and networking included

  • LItalyLab 3rd Open Day

    The LItalyLab, managed by AFIL and NOI Techpark, is organising the 3rd Open Day in Vittuone, Milan (Italy) on the 3rd of July 2019.

  • Policy Leader Workshop at the Institute for Laser Technology in Medicine and Measurement Technique (ILM)

    The integration of all stakeholders of the Quadruple Helix is an essential part of the CARE4TECH project. This event will serve to integrate the LivingLab initiatives in regional policy strategies.

  • CARE4TECH Open Day: Digitalisation in Healthcare

    Framed by two key notes to the main topic there are a number of other interesting items on the agenda: A lively exchange with experts in the fields of funding from national and regional funding organisations, insights from clusters like human technology Styria and Silicon Alps and the presentation of several companies working in the field of healthcare.

    And all this in a relaxed atmosphere with the common goal creating new ideas for exciting new projects.

  • Upcoming events at Carinthia University of Applied Sciences

    A lot is and will happen at CUAS and nearby in May 2019. Many exciting events coming your way!