Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living

T1 - KNOW! sets the knowledge foundations of CARE4TECH leading to a central output - an AS Knowledge Atlas.

It offers the opportunity to map, classify, visualize & structure cross sectoral connections among tech leaders, solutions, innovation & business development approaches in the field of smart living technologies and creates preconditions for thematic technology Alliances. T1 - KNOW! also implements a clear AS Knowledge atlas -  knowledge transfer / learning strategy as well as a project-wide impact controlling approach.

DT1.1.1. - Define a joint Knowledge Mapping Methodology and related Tools

The CARE4TECH team defined a common working methodology to identify and classify tech leaders, solutions, innovation & business development approaches as well as state of the art of human centered implementation strategies in the field of smart living.

The methodology aims on the one hand to directly gather information and needs in the field and on the other hand set-up a first CARE4TECH associated partner network.

The information will directly match to a visual tool developed in CARE4TECH and lead to the so-called “AS Knowledge Atlas on Smart Living Excellence", which will be implemented till 07/2017 and represent the information on the area of Smart Living in the AS in a multidimensional presentation.

D.T1.1.1. -  CARE4TECH Knowledge Mapping & Classification Methodology on Smart Living Excellences 
This deliverable is divided into four chapters and its structure is dedicated to provide a common strategy for collecting data of stakeholder institutions to identify and classify tech leaders, solutions, innovation & business development approaches in the field of Smart Living.
The first section deals with defining the purpose of the document and stating its connection to the consecutive Work Packages 2 and 3. It also includes the claimed partner contribution to create an extended knowledge base on Smart Living excellence.


D.T1.3.2 -   CARE4TECH Landscape of potential Leading Alliances on Smart Living: AS Knowledge Atlas Relation Management Tool

D.T1.4.2 -  Report - AS Knowledge Atlas Learning & Mentoring


T2 – LILAB! Implements CARE4TECH Alliances and tests the learning elements leading to the Alpine CAMPUS Output.

Creating the Alpine Campus will enable to structure and launch an innovation living lab based modular learning system (receiving knowledge inputs from T1) and empower quadruple helix based AS task forces who will subsequently lead the first 11 Alliances and support, during T3, the raise of the AS Think Thank.

2 Outputs will be created within this work-package:

1. AS Alliances: Strategic structure supporting 11 thematic smart living tech excellence groups in cooperation, technology & innovation.

2. Alpine Campus: Multilevel innovation living lab based modular learning system on AS relevant smart living technologies, where 6 quadruple-helix based teams (AS task forces) are supported to manage & integrate Alliances through joint innovation projects.


A.T2.1 Design, formalize and run AS Alliances for excellence in cooperation, technology, and innovation

Project partners will set up 11 Alliances (1/partner) and each Alliance will be empowered by the Roadmap, serving to facilitate concrete regional & transnational applications. 5 deliverables were done or are running.

 A.T2.2 Design and develop a transnational modular learning system based on living & Innovation Labs

Partners will propose a concept to set up 6 connected Living Labs (1 / country) in including scope, ownership, collective learning methodology, the set of methods and techniques, the initial mentoring process to support Living Labs leaders, the transnational cooperation tools to connect project partners, target groups, stakeholders, Alliances & Labs. 2 deliverables were done or are running.

A.T2.3 Run Living & Innovation Labs

Each Living & Innovation Lab (LiLabs) will be run for a 1-year long trial. The trial will provide evidence about how Labs can multiply the potential of Alliances at policy & operational level: they will allow to analyse pre-conditions & effects of multilevel innovation learning processes, develop & implement joint cross-thematic projects, anchor to international high quality partners (technology, financial, policy levels), strengthen political understanding. 3 deliverables were done or are running.

A.T2.4 Coordinate Alpine Campus Learning & Knowledge Sharing Sessions

Previously set-up Learning Hub, specifically its modular IT learning tool and the mobility scheme will both be used to upgrade skills about innovation & living labs and transnational cooperation among thematic complementary labs. 2 deliverables were done or are running. 


D.T2.1.2 Care4tech Smart Living Alliances Roadmaps for future excellence in innovation

D.T2.3.1 Ccare4tech Smart Living Alliances New members motivation and information events

D.T2.2.2 Care4tech Living Innovation lab cooperation tool


T3 – ANCHOR! Creating an Alpine Space Think Tank from Alliances & LiLabs

AS Task Forces created a Stakeholder Management Group which will in turn guide a structured stakeholders dialogue in the AS area. This will in turn lead to the establishment of a permanent AS Think Tank. Additionally, flagship projects, long-term capitalization agenda and Future Search Initiatives will be launched.

1 Output will be created within this work-package:

1. AS Think Tank: permanent policy & stakeholders’ platform formalized by a strategic roadmap linked to leading EU initiatives.


The work is currently actively underway, so more information will follow. 

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