Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living


Communication activities focused on raising the awareness of project findings and positively impacting different policies, general awareness, networks and connections in the Alpine Space. General media was used for mass communication whereas specific communication channels were also employed for focused communication purposes.

Communication was at the heart of CARE4TECH activities: to reach projects’ objectives and results, it cross cut all thematic work packages by sharing & generating commitment at all target group levels. Communication increased the knowledge available at all target groups thus stimulating the creation of connections, knowledge sharing & cooperation mechanisms. E-news, flyers, digital activities with success stories as well as events increased knowledge about how cooperation in the smart living technology field exploited and multiplied the benefits of available knowledge & assets all resulting in positioning the Alpine space as the leading knowledge providers and technology developer in smart living technologies.

Communication was crucial to ensure internal involvement of all partners, external involvement in output development and the transfer of outputs to new target audiences.


D.C2.4 - CARE4TECH Learning Hub Initiatives Flyer

D.C2.6 - CARE4TECH Communication Impact Report (Annex)

D.C4.2 - CARE4TECH & Regional Innovation Policies

D.C4.4 - CARE4TECH Final Conference

D.C4.3 - CARE4TECH Eusalp: Excellence in Smart Living Technologies providing guidelines to AS innovation landscape