Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living

T1 KNOW! Improving Common Knowledge Base

Alpine Space Knowledge Atlas to improve the Common Knowledge Base

To support a dynamic exploration of the field of Smart Living (SL) Technologies within the Alpine Space (AS) area, the AS Knowledge Atlas is designed as a dynamic Visual Matrix. The Visual Matrix allows intuitive browsing through the knowledge database from different starting points and contains nodes and edges to visualize interconnections between tech leaders, solutions and innovation and business development approaches.

AS Knowledge Atlas

The CARE4TECH Knowledge Atlas is designed to visualize expertise and knowledge in the field of SL Technologies. To ensure a structured view of stored data different entry points called Topic View and Region View were created. The Topic View can be used to browse the different SL Topics to explore linked Experts, Case Studies, Organizations and Project Activities. The Region View provides an overview on Topics, Experts, Organizations, Project Activities from the perspective of a given Country and Region which has to be selected first.

The CARE4TECH Visual Matrix contains the following categories: Countries, Regions, Topics, Experts, Case Studies, Organizations, and Project Activities. To bring the AS Knowledge Atlas to life, all CARE4TECH project partners activated their extensive partner networks to enhance the database with flagship institutions and expertise in the field of SL Technologies. The complete digital knowledge database contains 166 different organizations located in 8 countries. 113 Case Studies were collected from these organizations to show best practice in the field of SL. 23 Project Examples are inserted up to now in order to expose the extensive research field of SL Technologies.


D.T1.1.1 - CARE4TECH Knowledge Mapping & Classification Methodology on Smart Living Excellences 

D.T1.2.1 - CARE4TECH Smart Living Knowledge Mapping Activity in the AS area

D.T1.2.2 - CARE4TECH Visual Matrix on  Smart Living Excellence ‐ State  of the art of AS policies

D.T1.3.1 - CARE4TECH Leading Alliances on Smart Living: Checklist

D.T1.3.2 - CARE4TECH Landscape of potential Leading Alliances on Smart Living: AS Knowledge Atlas Relation Management Tool

D.T1.4.1 - CARE4TECH Learning hub: AS Brain Base Module

D.T1.4.2 - Report - AS Knowledge Atlas Learning & Mentoring 

D.T1.5.1 - Impact Controlling System Tool and Knowledge Atlas Report

D.T1.5.2 - AS Knowledge Atlas Monitoring & Impact Assessment Report