Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living

T2 – LILAB! – ALPINE Campus: Fostering common living and innovation Labs

Alpine Space Alliances

The 11 CARE4TECH Alpine Space Alliances are quadruple-helix thematic excellence groups willing to generate a coordinated approach to increase the AS innovation on Smart Living technology. They are powerful strategic networks sharing common interests on Smart Living technologies that interact and work together to foster interregional collaborations among the involved stakeholders.

A proper methodology was developed for the Alliances identification. Partners were asked to fill in checklists as well as competency matrixes and, according to their interest, 11 Smart X Alliances were identified:

Alpine Space LiLab

The LiLab becomes an eco-system of smart living excellence, where quadruple helix stakeholders share knowledge, co-create, and innovate to overcome common challenges faced by the Alpine Space region. The Labs generated transnational initiatives in content related smart “X” alliance topics, using a common set of tools, knowledge, terminology, processes and plans. This common toolbox is known as the ‘Alpine Campus’.

Partners of the Project took influences from the theories of Living Lab & Innovation Labs to create a Lab model that works for their organisations, country stakeholders, and the topics of Smart Living most important for their regions. The aim of the LiLab Ecosystem is twofold:

  • To create a innovation space where a menu of jointly agreed, common methods, can be tested.
  • To create a innovation space where partners and stakeholders can be brought together to identify and start implementation on tangible, joint-cooperation initiatives within each Alliance topic.

The Alpine Campus is a transnational modular learning system, which provides a toolbox of common tools, knowledge base, terminology, processes and plans to the quadruple-helix teams, to support the integration of the AS Alliances in joint innovation projects related to Smart Living. The Alpine Campus is a platform for the AS alliances with smart topics. The Alpine Campus works like an umbrella for the alliances, and was defined, developed, used and optimized during the project time. Interested persons can participate in the Alpine Campus online Moodle course - please register here.

The CARE4TECH Learning Hub is a systematic support measure for project partners & stakeholders to upgrade their skills and knowledge related to Smart Living Technology, across the whole project. The three modules, developed across the lifecycle of the project, were used to enhance the project partners and their stakeholders to interactions over the 11 Smart Living Alliance topics.



D.T2.1.1 - CARE4TECH Handbook on designing and implementing Smart Living Alliances