Cross-Sectoral Alliances for Smart Living

CARE4TECH - we care for smart living technology

CARE4TECH - we care for smart living technology

Smart living technologies are becoming the core topics for Alpine Space based leading technology providers, but Alpine space weaknesses prevent the area to become a leading destination for excellence in this field. Though innovative & ground-breaking, providers still struggle with limited R&I cooperation & awareness. Interreg Alpine-Space project CARE4TECH, strives to increase the economic competitiveness of the Alpine Region by combining and implementing 2020 research agenda technology-oriented principles & goals with quadruple helix multilevel policy-oriented approach. 

To do so, the project will have 3 main outputs:
- KNOW: setting the knowledge foundations by mapping, classifying and visualizing cross sectoral connections among stakeholders.
- LILAB: quadruple-helix based task forces will lead Alliances to will launch a Living Lab based modular learning system.
- ANCHOR: set up of a policy and stakeholders’ platform linked to EU initiatives to fully exploit outputs and their technological strategic potential.
Partners of the project have been very active and have so far done the first output; The Alpine Space Knowledge Atlas available for interested parties through their corresponding partners. Project partners have met just recently to discuss the second output – LILAB.
Newsletter 1 - April, you could find on the following link

Newsletter 2 – November 2018

CARE4TECH partners have set-up their LiLabs and some of them have already had their 1st Open Day event. All of them were booming with people, so make sure to read about them in the Newsletter.

Ever wondered what Smart Mobility actually means? The answer to the question  and more can be found in the interview with Christoph Müller, European expert on Smart Mobility.

Newsletter 2 - November, is available on the following link

Newsletter 3 – January 2019

Newsletter 3 - January, is available on the following link

Newsletter 4 - June 2019

4th edition of CARE4TECH newsletter is available on the following link

Newsletter 5 - July 2019

In this newsletter you are invited to read about the upcoming Innovation Congress where we will organize a Smart Living Forum and invite top-notch international speakers.

Newsletter is available on the following link.

Newsletter 6 - November 2019

6th edition of CARE4TECH newsletter is available at the following link.

Newsletter 7 - January 2020

7th and last edition of CARE4TECH newsletter is available at the following link.