Carbon Smart Communities

The secondary school in Waldbach was built in 1971. The already dated building is being renovated gradually. The renovation started with the large auditorium of the building. This hall has been completely rebuilt and redesigned with fir wood from the region of Joglland. Local carpenter Siegmund Spandl planned and carried out the renovation of this auditorium. The Joinery Spandl is known for its sustainable way of working. The aim oft the company is to work with wood from the region of Joglland. Mr. Spandl has very good experiences with fir wood from the home region. The reason is that the fir is located in an above-average percentage in the native forests of Joglland. Thus, an attempt is made to enforce this special type of wood of the region in order to guarantee sustainable and environmentally conscious work. In the auditorium of NMS Waldbach only fir wood from the Joglland was used. In addition, knowledge corners have been set up, in which the pupils get information about local wood. So the learning process about local and sustainable wood starts in this secondary school.